We created
Jewish Lifecycle Events
with you in mind

With ever-growing demands on our time and pocketbooks, we find ourselves having to reprioritize just about everything we do. Over the years, Jewish lifecycle events have become very time consuming and excessively expensive, so we are forced to look for alternatives. The challenge is, none of the options available solve our problem, so we put them on the back burner. The result is very disappointing.

So many people have reached out to me asking me to solve this problem, I decided to create Jewish Lifecycle, LLC. To my delight, within days of announcing this new service, several families are now excited to be able to VirJEWally attend Bar and Bat Mitzvah classes. In addition, we have been able to affordably help Jewish couples stand under the Chuppah, name their babies, and help with other Jewish Lifecycle events. This includes saying prayers for restoration of health, last rites, officiating at funerals and unveilings, and saying Kaddish.

The reason there is such demand is because there are no membership fees, building funds, fundraisers, or time requirements that interfere with your daily lives. We provide the most affordable religious ceremonies at your family’s convenience, both VirJEWally and in person and at the venue of your choice.

In addition, we understand that Hebrew is not the spoken language of most American Jews. To address this, families have enjoyed our innovative and meaningful B’nai Mitzvah ceremonies that bring tears of joy to all in attendance.

To learn more, call me, Rabbi Eli, at (732) 552-6573